Electrical Fencing

Electrical Fencing

Electric Fence is the product of Minsa Technologies established in 2014 and holds a reputation of excellent service and workmanship.We provide electric fencing solutions to domestic and commercial properties. We are based in Lahore, Pakistan. We have a no compromise policy on quality. It is important when considering electric fencing solution provider to select wisely so that you can get the best after sales service and the guarantee.


Electic Fence is now becoming best security solution for residential properties. It drastically improve security and safety of your family from intruders.


Electrical Fence is the best security tool for commercial places like factories, warehouses, schools, universities etc. It is also biggest barrier to any terrorist activity.

Benefits of Electrical Fencing Security Systems

Barbed wires get cut, gates get climbed, dogs get poisoned and guards get tired but electric fence security systems provide round the clock automatic detection and alarm. Upon contact the fence gives an extremely painful and disorienting High Voltage but Non-Lethal Electric shock which stuns the intruder and makes it impossible to climb the fence

An electric fence deters, detects, denies and defends your property. It is based on a strong physical and psychological barrier that keeps away intruders. It also buys valuable reaction time that is usually the difference between life and death
  • Physical barrier
  • Psychological deterrent
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Remote fence monitoring
  • Connectable to armed response
  • Early detection through alarm warning
  • Lightening and power surge protection
  • Effective protection through high voltage shock
  • Internal battery backup (works over 12 hours without electric power)